Excellent dining awaits you. A great place to gather and strike up a lively conversation is in our elegant dining room. On any given day have breakfast with your neighbor, lunch with your family, and dinner with friends. Dining is a social event at Wyndham Residence.

Three full meals and nutritious snacks are offered daily. A variety of entrees are available at every meal, and service is restaurant-style, with servers taking your order from our daily menu.

Breakfast specials range from quiche to omelets to waffles and include everything in between. Lunch offers a daily soup, two or three specials of the day, and just about any kind of sandwich you can think of. Dinner comes with a choice of soup or salad, and provides three entrée choices each evening. Our daily dessert menu is so extensive that choosing just one is often impossible!

You will be delighted to know our chef is hard at work preparing the daily fare. The kitchen staff at Wyndham Residence aims to please and individual tastes, preferences, and special diets are always given our closest consideration. In addition to a wonderful variety of foods, our elegant dining room also provides the perfect place to enjoy fine cuisine in the company of good friends and family members.

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We encourage you and your family to visit our staff, our charming resort-like campus, and above all, our residents—they’re our best ambassadors!